The Future Of Smart Technology Is Already Here


10 years down the line, in the era of smart electronics, how will your lives look like?
We often get stumbled upon the question which leads us to the utopian lifestyle that
will be dominating the world. But how well are Indian players equipped to embrace
the change? Tejas Tallam, CEO of Fueb Labs, in an interaction with Network walks us through the company strategy of welcoming the days to come.

Q) Why do you think the concept of smart homes and smart offices is getting more and more popular these days?

The home automation sector is undergoing a massive upshot, this is due to buyers becoming savvy and gaining interest in internet-enabled homes and connected living.

Smart homes and smart offices enable users to have more flexibility in terms of ease, accessibility along with security and a lot more perks to enjoy! With ongoing technological advancements, our smartphones have become a compelling and capable tool. With smartphones as an interface, the road ahead in digital innovation and smart technology is in smartening our homes and offices through integrated technological systems and digital innovation. It is a great time to start adopting and utilizing the benefits and capabilities of smart homes and offices.

Q) Who do you think are your ideal consumers?

Adopting smart home technologies equips the homeowners with greater control of their house in terms of remotely operating appliances, improving security, safety, and accessibility, along with other added advantages of energy efficiency as well as reduced maintenance costs all of it with just their accompanying app’s. Any individual or a family who are looking to reap these benefits are valuable consumers of our products.

In terms of market segmentation, we believe ideal consumers for smart home solutions are convenience seekers, environmentally conscious homeowners, post-retirement homeowners, affluent nesters and connoisseurs of emerging technology and design.

Our products are ideal for consumers who may have children or elderly people at home. Our range of products will definitely help them keep their families safe and provide enhanced conveniences.

Q) Which out of the diverse range of smart products according to you is a must in today’s modern households and offices? And why?

The Smart Lock is a must in today’s modern households and offices. It is usually password protected and cannot be accessed without the owner’s permission. This gives total control to home and office owners about whom they wish to let in, combined with the smart doorbell, the owner can enhance safety and accessibility of their premises to a greater extent. The lighting and appliances control are another set of essential smart products. The lighting and appliances in a home or an office can be controlled with smartphone-powered apps and can be turned on or off when the consumer wishes to. Further through data-driven analytics, the consumers get access to impressive insights into the operation of their premises that can lead to optimization of energy resources as well as further operational conveniences. 

Q) What unique features do you think your brand possess that others don’t?

At Fueb, we pioneer in building smart technologies in the home automation market, enabling people around the world to stay connected to what means most to them. Our aesthetically crafted, cloud-connected devices helps our users in achieving life’s simple goals with terrific outcomes.

We have unique solutions to transform our customers’ homes to be the first to leverage affordable, safe and advanced home automation solutions. Our indigenous solutions and platforms provide a modular approach for customers to start small and grow as needs change. We provide a wide range of products that includes “Armour” smart locks, “Vibe” smart door bell and “Touch magic” switches, that cater to consumers who seek integrated smart home solutions. Our accompanying smart phone app provides the right user experience along with voice command enablement to remotely control our products. 

Our consumers can be rest assured that their homes and offices are safe and secure. Because of the design, quality of engineering, convenience and affordability our brand has generated a high demand in the market.

Q) How do you foresee the market for smart products ten years down the line?

In the coming years, smart products will play an essential role in our daily lives. Most households and offices will have smart products installed in their premises. They enhance user comfort by providing flexibility in operations. Products such as smart locks and cameras ensure consumer safety. This industry is evolving at a quick pace and with new changes and developments, more and more people are inclined toward having smart homes and offices. The future is already here, although some technologies are in the early stage of development requiring investments in technology and human resources that will provide magnificent long-term rewards and returns.

Q) Which industry segments do you believe will be driving a larger chunk of demand? Why?

In today’s fast-paced lifestyles, the home automation market is definitely the flag bearer among the industry segments, primarily because of the comfort and ease it provides to the consumers coupled with the paradigm shift it brings in terms of product design enhancements that it equips the home to look more beautiful and functional. By adopting these products, consumers can interact with their homes more intuitively and feel connected which brings them a sense of oneness and peace of mind. 

Q) What’s your bigger challenge — acquiring customers or acquiring talent? What’s your strategy in resolving the same?

Acquiring talent in this industry is the biggest challenge. The number of people with the skill sets required in developing these products is limited. However, the growth rate of smart products in India is quite preferable and there is a high chance of gaining talented individuals with the desired skill set and passion in this industry. We are training engineers to enter this industry. Our engineers are experienced and keep themselves constantly updated to provide superior quality products and customer service. 

Q) What’s your strategy to create a differentiation for your solutions vis-a-vis your competitors?

We take great care in ensuring that our products are safe and secure. Along with a product, we also build a team of expert engineers who can provide customer service 24/7. For every product, we have a specialized customer service team. We engineer, design and manufacture our products in India, which helps in our distribution and sales process. All this combined allows us to cater to the market at extremely affordable prices. By using our solutions, consumers will experience luxury and great customer service.  

Q) How are you planning to convince the homeowners?

Our approach to convincing homeowners includes a demonstration of our products and setting up experience centers. Potential consumers can visit our experience centers or meet our talented sales teams and get a demonstration of the product they wish to purchase. Our highly skilled team can guide them through their queries. Once our potential consumers understand the advantages, convenience and safety of our smart home solutions, we believe they will definitely take the exciting plunge of adopting our products and making their living spaces more intuitive and interactive and reap long term benefits in improving their lifestyle. 

Q) What’s unique about your solution or your firm for them to opt for it–vis-a-vis competitors?

We ensure that all our products meet high standards in terms of quality and safety. we have taken great pains in understanding the consumer needs and requirements by having insightful discussions with potential target consumer groups. This has led us to focus on the aesthetics of our products concurrently providing the operational features that make our products most suitable for homeowners. In order to have a hassle-free user experience, we provide 24/7 customer care and have dedicated service, maintenance and installation teams that allow quick response to customer queries and problem resolution. This makes the ownership experience truly luxurious.