Irdeto Launches Trusted Home to Enable IoT Security Through Smart Home Gateway

  • New solution enables communication service providers (CSPs) to secure the entire smart home beyond the router
  • It puts consumers in control of their own protection and connectivity via an intuitive self-care app for Android or iOS

Consumer demand for IoT devices is growing rapidly as they look to make the most of connectivity and the smart home. However, the increase in IoT devices also increases the number of security vulnerabilities and creates challenges for communication service providers (CSPs) and consumers alike around control of the smart home.

To address these challenges, software security company Irdeto has launched Trusted Home – an AI-driven security and Wi-Fi management solution that allows CSPs to secure the entire smart home beyond the router.

By offering value added services to consumers, broadband providers can increase ARPU and decrease call center volumes and truck rolls, said the company based in the Netherlands.

The Trusted Home SaaS platform monitors usage to detect and block threats, make recommendations and auto-tune router and device settings for improved security and Wi-Fi performance.

With no new hardware required, it puts consumers in control of their own protection and connectivity via an intuitive self-care app for Android or iOS that also offers parental controls.

Provides visibility to CSP to tackle security concerns

Consumers expect data privacy and security to be a given standard with the IoT devices that they introduce into the home. Yet, many such devices are vulnerable as they do not necessarily receive regular software updates, do not have antivirus software and rapidly reach end-of-life. When subscribers encounter a security or connectivity issue, they turn to their broadband provider for help, but the CSP doesn’t have visibility and device intel beyond the gateway to tackle these concerns.

Developed in collaboration with Minim, a provider of AI-driven Wi-Fi management and IoT security platforms for service providers, Trusted Home is designed to provide this visibility and intelligence across the network.

“Consumers care deeply about privacy and security but can be overwhelmed by the complexity of it all, meanwhile CSPs require the tools to address connectivity and security problems more efficiently while offering value added services to consumers,” said Andrew Bunten, SVP of Content Protection at Irdeto.

“Trusted Home addresses this dual challenge, allowing CSPs to provide seamless smart home security to customers along with easy automated assistance to solve connectivity problems. At the same time, it allows CSPs to create business efficiencies and generate additional revenue in the process,” he explained.

How it helps better manage and secure smart homes?

Trusted Home offers an Android and iOS app with AI-driven self-setup, self-care and security guidance. CSPs can white-label this app or integrate into their existing consumer-facing apps. The solution also offers Wi-Fi management capabilities and comes with the Irdeto Care Portal, which gives customer support staff vital visibility to effectively troubleshoot top call issues, reducing time to resolution.

“The solution is architected to present both the service provider and subscriber with a helpful, single pane of glass, backed by a sophisticated AI-driven platform,” said Alec Rooney, Founder and CTO of Minim.

He added, “The platform applies proprietary fingerprinting technology without compromising consumer privacy with practices such as Deep Packet Inspection. Through this automated recognition and anomaly detection, the solution highlights known vulnerabilities, suggests actions against threats, and even addresses connectivity issues.”

The solution’s software agent is designed to take up minimal space on the home gateway and can be distributed to subscribers with a remote firmware update. It hardens the system and router OS, automatically protecting the router itself from attacks and compromises.