Winbond Collaborates with Tiempo to Unveil Secure Element IP for IoT


CC EAL5+ Certified Secure Element IP solution protects integrity of data in IoT devices by offering cloud to IoT authentication and security, secured connectivity and IoT device privacy

Winbond Electronics Corporation has teamed up with Tiempo Secure to announce the availability of a complete solution for certifiable Secure Elements. The Secure Element is comprised of Tiempo Secure’s hard macro IP and Winbond’s certified secure flash.

The combined solution of Winbond and Tiempo offers:
Cloud to IoT authentication and security
Secured connectivity and IoT device privacy

Features of Winbond’s W75F Secure Flash Solution

  • Certified by Common Criteria (CC) EAL5+ certification
  • Can be used for secure Execute-in-Place (XiP) functions
  • Protects the confidentiality and integrity of code and data in IoT devices, and in integrated UICC, integrated Secure Element or integrated Hardware Security Modules (HSM) for automotive and Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms
  • Provides secure external storage for data and code
  • Offers a dependable solution for manufacturers of connected devices

Features of Tiempo Secure’s TESIC IP:

  • Common Criteria EAL5+ certification proven Secure Element IPs designed for the IoT,
    available for SoC/chip integration as hard IP macros.
  • TESIC IP integrated into its CC EAL5+ and EMVCo certified secure microcontroller chip, offer such CC EAL5+ security proven IP solution as well as a guaranteed path from IP integration to CC EAL5+ certification.

Commentary by Spokesperson

Hung-Wei Chen, Director of Winbond Secure Flash Memory Marketing, said: “We believe that non-secure IoT devices pose a severe cyber-threat that must be addressed by securing the flash memory used for the storage of data, code, and credentials in all connected devices. Due to the ever-growing complexity, flash memory density requirements are growing as well, forcing a move to external, larger, secure flash memories that are addressed by Winbond’s TrustME family. We are pleased to have Tiempo Secure work with us to take this a step further, providing a robust and certifiable Secure Element IP and certified secure flash for the age of IoT”

Serge Maginot, CEO and President of Tiempo Secure, said: “We strongly believe that hardware security, embedded into the edge devices, is the best solution to efficiently protect the IoT system against selective or expert attacks. We are particularly excited to extend our security one-stop shop model and secure IP family with Secure Elements that will be including a ready to use and proven secure communication channel to Winbond’s Secure Flash chips, enabling end to end security between application chip and flash memory chip at CC EAL5+ grade. This partnership between Winbond and Tiempo is now empowering IoT developers and users to address the two critical challenges on the road for IoT deployment, i.e., easy connectivity and high level of security.”