Meet India’s First IoT Based Smart Laundry Service


This Haier smart laundry service features smart operation, online payments and smartphone integration all through the “Haier Wash App”

India’s first smart laundry service, located at the Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University, has started serving all registered students in the campus. Installed by Haier, this first-of-its-kind smartphone enabled laundry service is a completely automated IoT enabled implementation.

Mr Eric Braganza, President, Haier Appliances India during the inauguration in the month of August had said, “This is a moment of great pride for us to achieve the milestone of setting up India’s first IoT enabled Smart Laundry service. As we progress further on Haier’s vision to become a global leader in the era of the Internet of Things through its Eco-brand strategy, our focus to create smart solutions for the connected consumer is strengthening. This initiative is a step towards providing high tech, hassle-free laundry solution to today’s millennials who are fast adopters in this hyper connected age.”

IoT based smart laundry service features

Each washing machine in the implemented IoT system is connected to the cloud. Consumers can use their smartphones to reserve, schedule, monitor and pay for the services. They can also control washing machines through the “Haier Wash App”.

The Haier Wash App also assists the user throughout the washing process. It can remind users to take out their clothes once the washing is over. It also maintains a complete record of a user’s laundry usage in the past.

The Indraprastha College confirmed that the Haier smart laundry service is working without any lags. Infact, the convenience of fully automated IoT based laundry service has allowed users to easily multitask and finish other chores simultaneously while their clothes get washed.