Huawei Launches IoT Cloud Service 2.0 to Enable Industry Digitalization


The Chinese tech firm also announced its IoT strategy – provide IoT infrastructure and build up an ecosystem – at HUAWEI CONNECT 2018

Huawei officially has launched IoT Cloud Service 2.0 to strengthen its commitment of building a more powerful industrial IoT and enabling industry digitalization by combining connectivity, cloud services and artificial intelligence (AI).

Chinese tech firm launched the service and also announced its IoT strategy – provide IoT infrastructure and build up an ecosystem – at HUAWEI CONNECT 2018 recently held in Shanghai.

According to the Global Industry Vision (GIV) 2025 report released by Huawei, the number of connected devices will reach 100 billion in 2025. And the key requirements for building IoT infrastructure are to expand connections, enhance cloud services, and advance AI capabilities.

Last year at HUAWEI CONNECT, the company released its IoT Cloud Service 1.0 (DMP and AEP). In order to make it easier for industry customers to use Huawei’s IoT infrastructure capabilities (connectivity, cloud, and intelligence), Huawei has now released IoT Cloud Service 2.0, which made three main improvements:

First, for industries aspiring to complete digital transformation, Huawei provides pre-integrated industry suites and platform cloud services, such as Connected Vehicle, Intelligent Transportation, Smart City, and Smart Campus.

Second, to expand connections across more industries, the company has released a lightweight cloud service — IoT Hub, a secure and reliable lightweight device management service that enables IoT devices to connect to the network in a simpler, more secure, and cost-effective way.

Third, to facilitate ecosystem partners, Huawei now introduces the OceanConnect Market for product innovation, display, and trade with integrated development, rollout, and O&M tools.

Michael Ma, President, Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, stated: “Huawei hopes to join hands with partners to facilitate industrial IoT and expand the market by combining IoT and intelligence.”



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