Smart Microchip to Help Create Cost Friendly, Tiny IoT Devices

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If you find it difficult to build reasonable and smaller IoT devices, here is great news for you. Now there is a smart microchip that can start by itself and function on its own even when the battery is charged out, thanks to a group of engineers from National University of Singapore.

All about its design

Designed with a unique power management ability, BATLESS – the smart microchip uses a miniature on-chip solar cell to keep on operating in dim light without any battery help. This microchip can help in manufacturing cost-effective and tiny IoT devices, believe the researchers.  The microchip was presented at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), 2018, held in San Francisco.

The research team showed that batteries used in IoT devices can be reduced in size as these batteries do not require to be active for continuous operation of the device. The modus operandi of their research includes an advancement towards IoT sensor nodes, which, according to the researchers, can create several affordable and smaller IoT devices.

What are its benefits?

This smart microchip will help address the challenge of IoT devices, which are, at present, much larger and up to three times more expensive than the single chip they power. Also, the existing IoT devices need a battery to run and reducing the battery size can disrupt smooth operation of these IoT devices as they cease to function every time the battery runs out of charge.