Zensar Technologies Strategises On The Growing Power Of AI

  • The company has placed its faith in artificial intelligence (AI) to create a deep impact on businesses.
  • Its ‘return on digital NeXT’ strategy focusses on AI, natural language processing, block chain and internet of things.

The software service provider, Zensar Technologies has decided to concentrate on artificial intelligence (AI) after having built its work ethics around digital technologies.

The company believes that despite AI currently being at a growing phase, in the times to come it has the potential to rapidly disrupt businesses.

Sandeep Kishore, CEO, Zensar Technologies said, “You have to disrupt yourself — if you aren’t focused on AI, then you’re already irrelevant. The only way to create a business impact today is to have AI at the heart of it. We’ve launched a set of internal platforms and will be taking this to customers next,” he said.

The AI strategy

Keeping up with the firm’s ‘return on digital NeXT’ strategy, the focus is on experience, research and decision making. ‘Return on digital NeXT’ targets new and exponential technologies (NeXT) within AI, natural language processing, block chain, internet of things and human experience.

“We’re investing in platforms where the decisions are being taken by the AI engine, so people can focus on the work they’re supposed to be doing. Most customers are moving from products to wanting things ‘as a service’,” said Sandeep Kishore.

Zensar AIRLabs, the company’s R&D facility, is entirely focussing on AI. It is expected that this will help in generating high value for the customer.