Vectra Expands In Asia-Pacific To Bridge Cybersecurity Skill Gaps

  • Cybersecurity skills gap in the Asia-Pacific region is highest in the world with about 2.14 million unfilled positions.
  • Using the Cognito platform, the cybersecurity leader intends to effectively address that.

Vectra, the leader in network threat detection and response, has announced that it has established business operations in the Asia-Pacific region to strengthen enterprise organisations and manage detection and response providers with a platform to stop continued cyberattacks in the cloud.

Leading the expansion, Kevin Vanhaelen, Regional Director – Asia-Pacific said, “Our recent funding, coupled with our rapid growth in the global security market, uniquely positions Vectra to earn significant business in the Asia-Pacific region.”

He further adds, “We’re delivering a disruptive new approach that enables security operations teams to detect and respond faster than ever to cyberthreats so that enterprise organisations and managed detection and response providers can stop catastrophic data breaches.”

The Cognito platform

Security analysts these days make time-consuming efforts to go through thousands of threat alerts and logs each day to find cyberattackers. Driven by AI, Cognito completely automates these manual and mundane processes and prioritizes active attacks that pose the highest risk. This reduces the security operations workload by 37x and enables skilled analysts to focus their attention on threat hunting and data breach prevention.

The Cognito platform also addresses critical security gaps by providing 360-degree visibility into cloud, data centre, user and internet-of-things (IoT) infrastructures, leaving attackers with nowhere to hide. This considerably helps in closing the cybersecurity skills gap.

Vectra recently announced that its Cognito platform features Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) traffic mirroring. Enterprises can now natively run the Cognito platform in AWS environments to rapidly detect and respond to cyberthreats in the cloud.

In September 2018, company announced that Cognito can detect cyberattackers in Microsoft Azure cloud environments with virtual sensors that integrate with the Azure Virtual Network Terminal Access Point (TAP). Both integrations enable Vectra to provide complete cyberattack visibility without requiring agents.

With regional headquarters established in Sydney, Vectra currently operates throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Japan, and has research-and-development centers in Dublin, Ireland, Austin, Texas and Cambridge, Massachusetts.