TT Electronics And Wittra To Jointly Develop IoT-Based Asset Tracking Solution

  • By collaborating with TT Electronics, Wittra will gain access to high-end IoT design and marketing solutions.
  • The new asset tracking solution will be launched in early 2020.

TT Electronics, the global provider of engineered electronic solutions for critical applications, has entered into partnership with Wittra Sweden AB, a developer of IoT-based location intelligence technology. The collaboration combines TT Electronics’ expert engineering, design and manufacturing skills with Wittra’s intelligent software capabilities to bring innovative industrial IoT solutions to the market.

New technological solutions and reduced time-to-market

The collaboration with TT Electronics will give Wittra access to design experts, new products and global manufacturing solutions for a reduced time-to-market and deploy solutions much faster.

“Wittra is proud to provide cutting-edge technology, especially in the exciting world of IoT. Our products offer customers new ways to both deliver different types of sensor data and to position different assets,” said Thomas Bennet, CEO, Wittra. “We have solved many problems that the existing positioning techniques cannot deliver, such as moving between indoor and outdoor environments, tunnels and other areas where traditional positioning technology loses functionality. Our latest innovation, being developed in conjunction with TT Electronics, will bring a simple but effective solution to this common asset tracking challenge to the mass market.”

“Our component/system engineering and design expertise within the IoT environment ideally positions us to support Wittra in bringing their innovations to life,” said Steve Carr, Vice President Sales and Marketing, TT Electronics. “The TT Electronics engineering team based in our IoT design headquarters in Kista, Stockholm, is working closely with Wittra to develop a sleek hardware design for the new product which will be delivered over the sub GHz frequency range, allowing for extended range in the toughest of environments. IoT comes in many forms, and as a platform provider and design-led IoT solutions business we can provide solutions ranging from low frequency sensor networks right through to 5G enabled networks. TT will provide a fully integrated end-to-end solution to bring these products to market.”

Wittra Sweden AB currently holds 51 patents (approved and pending) in IoT technology and along with TT Electronics, plans to launch the new asset tracking platform for the sub GHz frequency range in early 2020.