SK Telecom Signs MoU To Execute 5G Cloud Connectivity For Robotics

  • An aim to develop autonomous robots, connected to a 5G cloud based platform, to provide security, guidance services and to build eSpace, a hyperspace platform.
  • It is expected this will allow the robots to be connected to the cloud through SK Telecom’s 5G network, which enables users to remotely download and update features to robots.
  • Therefore, enhanced cloud features will not only improve information-processing performance of robots but also support interconnection among themselves.
Representational Image

South Korean telco, SK Telecom, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with LG Electronics, to develop and commercialise a series of 5G cloud based robots. This announcement will increase SK Telecom’s focus on robotics and will help to develop use cases for robotics in 5G.

Park Jin-Hyo, Chief Technology Officer and Head of the ICT R&D Centre, SK Telecom said that technologies such as 5G and AI will converge with LG Electronics’ robot-building expertise to bring innovative and attractive robot services.

To achieve this, SK Telecom will use its 5G Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) technology to support ultra-low latency communication between the robots and the network. With the MEC, latency is reduced by up to 60 percent.

Additionaly, SK Telecom plans to implement its self-developed AI Inference Accelerator (AIX) and SK Telecom Cloud for AI Learning (SCALE) to the 5G robot cloud.