OneM2M To Soon Discuss Prospects Of IoT Implementation Across Asia

  • Huge participation from government representatives, industry leaders and IoT innovators.
  • Key highlights include panel discussions by renowned speakers and demonstrations by major companies.
  • Event on September 25, 2019 in Hyderabad, India.

OneM2M, the global IoT standards initiative, will be hosting its sixth Industry Day on September 25 in Hyderabad, India. The event will see government representatives, industry leaders and IoT innovators gather under one roof to discuss the roles that standards play in enabling mass adoption of IoT (Internet of Things) across Asia.

Discussing the future of IoT

Hosted by Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India (TSDSI), the Industry Day will feature panel discussions by renowned speakers from the government and industrial leaders. The talks would be focusing on IoT standardisation in developing areas of smart cities and smart transportation, as well as healthcare, safety and agriculture.

“India represents an exciting market for IoT innovation, with adoption and investment continuing to grow at an exponential rate,” said Roland Hechwartner. Technical Plenary Chair at oneM2M. “Consequently, it is important that as IoT technology builds on the economic and societal footing in India, standardisation is explored in earnest as a way to ensure interoperability and reliability. The Industry Day provides an invaluable platform to discuss optimal standards practices both nationally and globally and how specifications, such as oneM2M’s, can provide an interoperable IoT framework that can overcome the challenges faced by city authorities, developers and operators.”

An investment worth US$ 1 billion for 100 smart cities over the next five years is expected to be a major enabler for IoT adoption across key industries.

Demonstrations of oneM2M standards

Successful implementation of oneM2M standards on a global scale will also be demonstrated, with India’s Centre for Telematics, C-DOT showcasing its oneM2M-based communication platform and Chordant and Definition Networks displaying their collaboration on how oneM2M can be interworked to support underlying 3GPP Network Services.

“In India, vertically siloed application vendors make up a large part of the IoT application environment, which exposes users to the risk of being locked into expensive proprietary solutions when deploying and extending their IoT applications,” said Ms Pamela Kumar, Director General, TSDSI. “This is especially true in the smart city ecosystem and is the reason why IoT standards for common service functions, interoperability and security are critical to unlocking the full potential of interworked applications, which will, in turn, create harmonised smart city environments.”

Hechwartner alongwith by Technical Plenary Vice Chairpersons Yongjing Zhang, of Huawei and JaeSeung Song, of KETI, will also discuss the key features of the upcoming Release 4 specifications and how they can be applied to a range of verticals and utilities.