MORNSUN’s IoT-Enabled Solutions For Increasing Smart Device Demand

  • The IoT market is expected to reach US$ 520 billion in 2021.
  • Company’s wide range of IoT devices are fit for applications in smart homes and smart agriculture.

IoT (Internet of Things) technology has allowed everyday objects to interconnect with each other in order to send and receive information. These IoT-enabled devices or smart devices are capable to make intelligent decisions and can be controlled without physical presence.

Thanks to these smart devices, now you can unlock your front door from your smartphone or adjust the temperature of your home….from anywhere.

IoT industry on the rise

As per a report by Gartner, the sensor market is expected to continue evolving new technology and packaging, which will make it possible to find new applications for sensors. By 2025, there will be 75.44 billion connected devices worldwide. The IoT market, which includes hardware, systems integration, software, telecom and data services, is expected to reach US$ 520 billion in 2021, which is more than double the amount spent in 2016.

Fig 1. IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices installed base worldwide from 2015 to 2025 (in billions). Source – Statista

The imminent introduction of 5G technology will further increase the number of IoT-enabled devices. This will make it possible to find new applications for sensors.

MORNSUN: IoT power solution expert

The huge demand for IoT devices requires efficient, compact and economical power solutions to support a wide voltage range. MORNSUN, the leading industrial power supply manufacturer based in China, offers a large portfolio of customizable products to meet your IoT power needs.

Powering IoT Applications

IoT devices, comprising of sensors and other electronics, need a compact, efficient and reliable power supplies in the form of DC/DC converters or AC/DC converters.

MORNSUN’s extensive range of over 50 different IoT-enabling power products meet all the key requirements: wide voltage ranges, isolation, accuracy, DC voltage stability and compact size. The products include:

  • AC/DC solutions from 1W to 60W.
  • DC/DC converters from 200mW to 250W.
  • Isolation levels from 1000V to 6000V.
  • RS232/RS485/CANBus controllers for direct communication.

Smart Thermostat

This IoT-enabled device is commonly found in today’s interconnected homes. It needs power, low cost, compact size, high density and a very low input current. In contrast to other power supplies power supply, MORNSUN’s 3W LS03-15B12R2S (dimension:35x18x11mm) is an ideal AC/DC converter. It also provides power to the system microcontroller through a high-efficiency K78L05-500R3 DC/DC converter that features output short-circuit protection and a low no-load input current (0.2mA).

Fig 2. HVAC system

Smart Greenhouse Controller 

In smart agricultural farming, a system should be capable to power a variety of actuators for temperature, moisture, light, intensity (shade) and pesticide control. These actuators and sensors typically operate at 24V DC supply, but the primary power source is a mains AC supply. MORNSUN’s LI120-20B24R2 AC/DC Din Rail converter provides a 24 DC bus for use by the sensors and actuators. The WRF2405S-3WR2 is a 3W DC/DC converter that provides 3kV DC isolation with self-recovering short circuit protection and supplies 5V for the main control unit and display.

Fig 3. Agrcultural greenhouse controller

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