Microsoft Research India Opens Centre For Societal Impact Through Cloud And Artificial Intelligence (SCAI) In Bengaluru

  • The centre aims to build-up projects that can have large-scale impacts.
  • For this, works are already in progress in collaboration with various companies, academic institutions and startups.

Microsoft Research India has launched the centre for Societal impact through Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (SCAI) in Bengaluru. The focus is on creating and promoting projects that can have real-world and large-scale societal impact.

Large-scale collaboration

Through this initiative, Microsoft Research India will collaborate with a number of partners in academia, startups and the social sector. They will be provided with financial grants, access to world-class Microsoft technologies and business insights from Microsoft for Startups.

Eric Horvitz, Technical fellow and director at Microsoft Research said, “I am excited about the creation of the centre for Societal Impact through Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, and I am looking forward to the efforts and collaborations ahead. There are so many opportunities to leverage recent advances in cloud computing and AI technologies to address long-term societal challenges spanning multiple sectors and realms, including health and wellness, education, transportation, and agriculture.”

Sriram Rajamani, Managing Director of Microsoft Research India, said, “At MSR India, we have been conducting research in the ICTD space since our inception. We see SCAI as a natural evolution of this, and we will partner with like-minded collaborators to apply technology to solve some of the most pressing problems in today’s world. I am looking forward to truly impactful projects emerging from SCAI.”

Microsoft is currently working with the following organisations on various projects – Respirer Living Sciences focusing on urban air pollution; NIMHANS for mental health; Pratham Books for assisted translation system, which enables children to read storybooks in multiple languages and Voicedeck Technologies for Learn2Earn, a program which reinforces education and provides financial incentives.

In collaboration with startups, SCAI is working with Navana Tech, which focuses on building text-free, voice-assisted technology and Three Wheels United, which enables scalable lending to clients in emerging markets through technology.