Jio To Introduce Various Smart Home Devices Through Its JioFiber Service


The smart home solutions come with several features that facilitate an enhanced user experience 

Indian telecommunication service provider, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited aims to introduce smart home solutions to its consumers with the JioFiber service. The solutions comprise of various IoT-based devices that will help promote the creation of smart home ecosystems. For this, Jio has announced to provide cheaper plans and better services.

These IoT-based devices include: set-top box, surveillance camera and MR headset.

Set-top box

Besides offering TV content, the set-top box comes with a lot of next-gen smart features for gaming to video calling to local network creation.

The box acts as a hosting device for video calling services with various people also on Jio’s network. The zero-latency gameplay is capable of supporting popular gaming controllers and provide an exciting gaming experience. For home networking, subscribers will need to plug in a hard drive to the Jio set-top box that will allow it to become a common data processing point. It’s similar to local network storage for all devices but instead of wired, it will be wireless.

Surveillance camera

The company’s range of home security cameras provides a 24/7 home monitoring service. This will help users keep track of people and the local surroundings in the owner’s absence. Users can also remotely monitor events through their phones.

MR headset

The MR (Mixed Reality) headset called the Jio Holoboard MR headset has the ability to connect with JioFiber network in homes and offer access to all MR services such as MR shopping, MR education and VR movie watching.

All this takes place through Jio’s cloud service that processes all the MR activities and then streams them to the Jio VR headset.