Indoor & Outdoor IoT Positioning Platform For Industry 4.0 Applications

  • Key target industries for the GEPS (Griffin Enterprise Positioning Services) platform include logistics (e.g. asset and fleet management), construction (e.g. tools, people, and equipment), and manufacturing industries (e.g. sub-assemblies)
  • While typical percentage margins are much lower at around 2 or 3% in terms of raw material savings, for larger companies that can translate into cost savings of billions of dollars a year.
GEPS platform

In order to deliver huge operational cost savings in logistics, construction, and manufacturing industries, the Swedish Industrial IoT startup, H&D Wireless has launched ‘GEPS®’ (Griffin Enterprise Positioning Services) indoor and outdoor IoT positioning platform.

GEPS is a turnkey, ‘application-as-a-service’ solution that is designed to bridge the information gap between physical assets and business systems. It requires no upfront investment in hardware or software, and instead employs small 59 x 52 x 23 mm battery-powered, industrial-grade IoT tags to track key assets and equipment via cellular, GPS, or Bluetooth wireless technology in real-time.

According to Pär Bergsten, CEO of H&D Wireless, by implementing the GEPS platform in asset management applications, customers can save between 20-40% in operational costs due to a combination of better utilization of their assets and the ability to get rid of 30% of the assets previously required to perform the same job.


Operating either standalone or in conjunction with leading business and AI systems, the ultimate aim is to boost key operational metrics such as efficiency, safety, security, throughput, responsiveness, and ultimately profits.

To achieve this, an integrated chip by Nordic Semiconductor is included which has a powerful application processor (Arm Cortex M-33), GPS support, standard microcontroller peripherals, and enough chip-integrated memory to execute IoT applications with edge computing. 

Each tag (depending on application) can be configured with a rechargeable or AA-size battery, and achieve a minimum one year and maximum 10-year battery life.

All the output data is displayed via cloud-based visual dashboards and is accessible from desktop PCs, tablets, or smartphones.

Geir Langeland, Nordic Semiconductor’s Director of Sales & Marketing states that while Industrial IoT—or IIoT—is still in its infancy, progress is being made to provide real IIoT solutions that are capable of solving real problems by boosting operational efficiencies and bringing down costs.