HireXP To Officially Launch AI-Enabled HR-Chatbot For Indian Companies

  • Amara, the HR-chatbot to assist companies with HR related work and help with the right talent acquisition.
  • The AI-enabled chatbot is also well-versed in addressing the problems faced by employees with respect to their work.
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Hire XP, a new age HR technology company specialising in hi-tech recruiting solutions is ready to launch Amara, a smart AI-enabled chatbot. The introduction is set to take place this year on the first day of August.

Amara, the humanoid

Amara is a smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled bot, developed with the main aim of maintaining a healthy working environment in a company. It has the ability to chat with employees and potential candidates and help them make better decisions at different stages of their career.

With inbuilt capabilities, such as sentiment analysis and natural language processing, the chatbot is capable of addressing various issues faced by employees, especially those who are highly disengaged with their work and are facing an attrition risk.

“Candidate experience and employee engagement are of utmost priority in the current war for talent and Amara can help the CHROs to give a world-class experience to both current and potential employees by doing a continuous pulse check and taking corrective actions for the right people at the right time,” said Vikas Kakkar, founder and CEO, HireXP.

Efficient communication

Amara is highly customisable to meet specific objectives of HR and TA professionals and can handle thousands of users and chat sessions per day while providing the fastest response time. Therefore, the chatbot is suitable for integration in a company’s internal system and can be launched across multiple channels like Whatsapp, Slack, Trello, SMS and many more.

Excited about this product launch, Marina Zolotoverkh, co-founder & head of operations, HireXP, stated, “With Amara, we are giving the power to CHROs to have human-like interactions with employees and candidates at any given point of time without much of human intervention.”

After a successful launch in the last quarter, over 25,000 users have already embraced the chatbot across US, Dubai, Philippines and Singapore. Amara is now ready to make its presence felt in India.