Fujitsu Launches New And Innovative IoT Measuring Device

  • The device targets the apparel industry that helps them to make efficient and error-free measurements.
  • The device is also witnessing a growing popularity among the transportation and manufacturing industries.

With the increase of consumer demand in recent years, companies are finding it hard to timely fulfill custom orders and custom-made products alongwith conventional off-the-shelf product sales and services. At the same time, apparel retailers are struggling to keep up with this trend, and mistakes often occur in writing or reading measurements.

To solve this problem, Fujitsu Design Ltd, the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company, has created a new IoT Measuring device for the apparel industry. The new device promises to dramatically improve the efficiency of apparel sizing and measurements. Fujitsu will additionally offer a companion app for recording measurement information that is taken with the device.

Seeing the device’s success, Fujitsu has received inquiries from the transportation and manufacturing industries for carrying out tasks like measurement and inspecting goods.

How it works

With the press of a button, the measurement data is transferred to the Windows application (Excel or Notepad) via the Bluetooth-connected companion app. From here, the recorded information is further stored in a data entry point.

Measurement work flow


The device automatically enters the input values, instead of manually transferring data to a recording sheet or slip, thus accelerating work efficiency and reducing errors.

Also, it isn’t necessary to rewind the measuring tape when continuously measuring multiple points; users can simply perform measurements quickly and easily (even in units of one millimetre).

Availability and future plans

The product is available now. In the future, Fujitsu plans to deliver support for smartphone applications (iOS, Android). The company also aims to sell 30,000 units by the end of 2022.