Cybercriminals Will Target an IoT Device for Ransom on 2020: Report

  • The report says IoT architects will integrate 5G into new designs next year
  • Connected trucks will use IoT to catalyse logistics and supply chain transformation

According to a Forrester report-“Predictions 2020: The Internet Of Things”, the future of IoT( Internet of Things) will involve connected trucks, smart speaker displays, and ransomware. The report has also stated five IoT predictions for 2020.

The first prediction this report brings out for next year is that IoT architects will integrate 5G into new designs, but not as a Low-power Wireless Personal Area Networks (LoWPAN) replacement. As 5G is becoming popular, it won’t replace existing LoWPAN networks, but augment them says the report. 

Smart speaker displays

Secondly, consumer will embrace smart speaker displays which will lead to the rise in multimodal design. The report says that a popular enterprise solution will be in conference room management solutions, allowing teams to interact with remote users. With advancement in technology, consumers will shift more toward a multimodal design, giving equal importance to voice, display, and touch as per the report.

The third prediction says that cybercriminals will target an IoT device for ransom from the device manufacturer. To prevent something like this to happen, the designers will have to work with security teams or hire experts that can integrate better risk-prevention techniques.

Efficient logistics in trucking

Fourthly, in the logistics domain, connected trucks will use IoT to catalyse logistics and supply chain transformation as per the report. IoT will create more efficient logistics in trucking and more effective processes in the supply chain claims the report. In warehouses, IoT devices will be used to safely operate machinery and move heavy items around on automated carts says Forrester.

Lastly, large companies that offer connected products will convert to services built on an IoT data system says the report. These companies would include both consumer products and B2B organisations.