Cloud-Based Tri-Mode Management Switch For Enterprise Networks

  • Zyxel’s updated offering provides education and enterprise networks exceptional performance along with flexibility
  • Can be placed placed in offices and other low-noise workplaces, allowing efficient deployment, configurability and analysis
The GS2220 series is the successor of Zyxel’s most popular Layer 2 switch, the GS2210 series

Zyxel Networks, a provider of secure AI and cloud-powered business and home solutions has launched the GS2220 series layer 2 hybrid switches, providing education and enterprise networks exceptional performance along with flexibility in the form of industry-first tri-mode management via the cloud, command line interface (CLI) and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

The star of the tri-mode switch is Zyxel’s Nebula cloud management, which gives admins the power to monitor and control their networks anywhere, anytime from a centralised interface. Nebula has been designed for more efficient deployment, configurability and analysis.

When cloud management isn’t the best fit, admins can opt for on-premises CLI management – a mode that offers deep granularity and full read/write access. Alternatively, there is SNMP management mode, which comes with a complete management information base and makes it easy to manage various devices from across networks.

Reliable network support

Since Layer 2 switches are bearing the growing burden of convergence as networks unify data, voice, video, e-commerce, and other applications and have been deemed unstable, the GS2220 series’ flexibility extends beyond management to its ports. The switches support all L2 switching applications by offering up to 44 Gigabit RJ45 ports along with Gigabit copper/fibre-optic combo ports or two SFP ports. Models with smaller port counts are also available for networks looking to use more advanced L2 management features on the access layer.

The switches are highly reliable and robust against electrical discharges and surges. Additionally, switches can be comfortably placed in offices and other low-noise workplaces thanks to their new whisper-quiet fanless design. Finally, the GS2220 outdoes other PoE switches on size, with a compact footprint that leaves plenty of racks or desktop space.

“This will be a revolutionary product for the India market since it is apt for the Education industry which is currently going through the digitisation phase. The Tri-mode management via the cloud will help Education and Enterprise industries to manage their networks with complete social-distancing and reliability” said, Gary Chen, President of Zyxel India.