AIoT Intelligent Traffic Management System For Reduced City Traffic

  • Avalue Technology’s tried-and-tested solution uses a combination of IoT and AI to combat vehicular traffic hassles of a city
  • It reduces the costs of human patrols and also quickens the repair and maintenance time
  • Real-time statistical data is provided with complete accuracy

Traffic flow during peak hours in a city is not just slow and tedious but also leads to an increase in traffic accidents, mainly due to the rush associated with reaching our workplaces on time. Over 70 per cent of the population is expected to live in cities in the future, however, the transportation infrastructure does not proportionately match to that growth. Thus, it is critical to solve traffic congestion and improve transportation quality for managing city traffic in a better manner.

So having completed its road safety artificial intelligence solution test for Taoyuan City in Taiwan, Avalue Technology in collaboration with many partners introduces the AIoT dynamic traffic management solution.

By implementing IoT for monitoring and control signalling at 25 road junctions in Xinyi, Nangang and Songshan Districts in Taipei City, and using artificial intelligence combined with dynamic signal control system supported by Intel Distribution of OpenVINOTM toolkit, area-specific traffic condition at each moment in time was managed through real-time and appropriate control logic based on:

  • data analysis of traffic flow
  • vehicle type and model
  • traffic direction
  • road occupancy rate
  • yellow light hesitation distance
  • human flow

at major intersections and connected junctions. This helped to optimise traffic flow and ensure a safer and smoother driving experience.

Reduced costs of human patrols

Conventional traffic signal controller monitor control traffic through regular patrols or nearby residents would report on any problem with the signal controller. This results in tremendous time and costs expenditure – from the moment a problem occurs to the time the equipment is repaired. Avalue’s current technology uses microcurrent sensors and IoT applications to give administrator remote control over outdoor signal controller. Not only does this reduces the costs of human patrols but also effectively reduces repair and maintenance time, improving the traffic service quality.

Verifying real-time traffic information

A microcomputer is generally used in traffic signal control. Due to the inavailability of computing service in a city, quantitative computing of historical data had to be outsourced to research institutions. Not only was the traffic data unverifiable, but there was also a lack of real-time traffic flow data.

By using Intel Distribution of OpenVINOTM and Apollo Lake industrial computer, Avalue processes real-time road traffic data at the “edge”, meeting the need for data accuracy and timeliness, thus cutting down 85 per cent of network cost required to transmit back an immensely large amount of image data.

Real-time analysis for reduced traffic congestion

Statistical analysis of vehicle and human flow based on big data analytics provides a suitable control logic targeted at area-specific traffic condition. A timing plan best suited to real-time traffic conditions helps reduce traffic congestion and travelling time. This is achieved by the AI-based traffic management solution, which enables 10 per cent to 15 per cent reduction in traffic congestion during peak hours.

Robust computing in harsh environments

Often traffic systems require installation in harsh environmental conditions. The AI-based traffic management solution’s industrial computers are fully adaptable to complex outdoor application environments, including wide temperature range and high humidity, ensuring uninterrupted traffic service by providing stable operations for a prolonged period of time in a harsh environment.

With the introduction of intelligent traffic solution, including AI smart intersections, public bus driving monitoring, emergency signal management system, traffic flow analysis, traffic controller monitoring and dynamic traffic control system, Avalue expects to continue integrating existing technologies and promote area-specific solutions for enhanced intelligent traffic system.