Accton Provides IoT Based Solution For Smart Life Integration Platforms


Accton, a provider of communication solution, presents smart home and living solutions that aids in monitoring real-time status using multiple wireless sensors, including a door/window sensor, motion sensor, siren, smoke detector, gas detector, temperature/humidity sensor, power socket, along with an IP camera.

The software has introduced a specially designed all-in-one smart device – WaltzOne, that integrates multiple sensors in one unit for core families and singles. Built on the Accton’s brand ethos of Live simple, live safe; the services provided by Accton include a smart-living end-user management program that offers safe, easy and coziness to the end-user.

Smart light control and environment surveillance systems

Accton, in order to promote sustainable living and cater to the growing needs of the population, has also introduced Ceres Smart Light Control System. The cloud-based management system enables remote monitoring and setting adjustment for environmental surveillance.

Packed in with a smart illuminance setting, it helps reduce power waste and aids to monitor the temperature, humidity, air quality, and sound. For instance, Ceres Smart Light Control System can be used with single or multiple wireless sensors, such as sprinkler and soil moisture sensors, to automatically apply water according to the soil moisture level, thus saving water.

More about Accton

Accton seeks to lessen operating expenses and enhance service quality, by providing solutions that give real-time product status and data transparency. Their IoT services operate in three main areas including – Integrating networking protocols and developing service applications, creating the database for big data application services and partnership and collaboration with alliances in the IoT ecosystem. The company has also bagged the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Awards; the highest mark of excellence in innovation, offered by the Bureau of Foreign Trade supported TAITRA.