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Building A Career In The IoT-Led World

By Siddha Dhar

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With the booming success of IoT, how can you build a bright career in this field? What are the job roles available here? What skill-sets will help you make your mark? How far can veterans contribute in this field? The answers are all here.

Covid-19 has left the IoT field in shambles as the world has seen massive changes in the way the industry now works. Those organisations who adopted the technology long before the pandemic have seen a rise in their profits, while those that did not adopt have either closed down or, unfortunately, have had to bear the brunt of losses. This shows that for an organisation’s survival and growth IoT has became a strategic necessity.

With IoT invading every industry and organisation, the solutions being delivered by solution providers are also creating new job opportunities. With no dearth of opportunities in this field and the relevance to both tech and business realms, a demand for highly skilled IoT professionals seems to be on the rise. “I think it is crucial to understand that IoT is not one technology but a domain or a concept that brings multiple technologies under its umbrella to make something happen at the end of the day,” says Vinay Solanki, GM & Head of Digital Solutions, Napino Auto & Electronics.

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What IoT job profiles look like

During past couple of decades India has emerged as a hotspot for the software industry manned by budding engineers. Through IoT they are now expected to provide solutions to the customers’ core issues. IoT is an interface between the customers and the analytics/insights and not just an interface connecting electronic appliances to the Internet to monitor them.

Many job roles have transitioned from software to the IoT industry where every skill-set is equally important and lucrative. Solanki goes on to add, “I think it is a very good takeaway that, apart from learning programming languages or looking at cloud services, if you are building your career right now, and you come from a background which is not computer science, then it’s not bad news for you.”

Here are some areas and roles the budding engineers can look at to build their careers.
Hardware and embedded systems. While most IoT solutions require software, hardware also plays a vital part. Building reliable hardware has become imperative for the overall IoT industry. With the government’s focus on making India a manufacturing hub, a ton of jobs may be expected to flow in.

Solution architect. It is a very critical role, as a system integrator needs to have thorough knowledge of all aspects starting from hardware to connectivity. It also requires knowledge of applications to the cloud platform in which a specific IoT application would be posted in.

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