Vodafone UK Launches IoT-Enabled Heat Detection Camera To Tackle Covid-19

  • The camera has been developed by Digital Barriers
  • Each camera can check the temperature of 100 people per minute
Pic Credit : Vodafone

Vodafone UK has joined hands with Digital Barriers to launch an IoT-enabled heat detection camera to help UK organisations get back to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic. The camera combines thermal imaging and Vodafone’s IoT connectivity to screen the temperature of people as they enter buildings.

Each camera can check the temperature of 100 people per minute. The thermal images are streamed securely and in real-time to a laptop or mobile device. Then instant analytics provide a discreet alert that a person may have a raised temperature. Then these alerts are further investigated using standard clinical evaluation methods to determine whether any further action is necessary.

Thermal and HD cameras

Anne Sheehan, business director, Vodafone UK said, “During this crisis, our role has been to keep the UK connected. Now, we want to help UK organisations get their people back to work while prioritising their safety. The Heat Detection Camera is a helpful tool to support this goal, every organisation needs one. We believe technology-led solutions will play an important role in return-to-work strategies.”

The camera has been developed by Digital Barriers, a UK based innovator supported by tech incubator Tomorrow Street and the Vodafone Business 5G accelerator. It incorporates both thermal and HD cameras, It is claimed that it provides reliable, real-time body temperature screening accurate to within +/- 0.3 degrees Celsius. The solution can screen up to eight people at a time and 100 every minute. The companies said that the Heat Detection Camera is ideal for all business and public sector customers.