Verizon Partners With Microsoft for IoT Push

  • The telecom company has integrated Microsoft’s azure cloud computing service into IoT development suite

In a recent press release, Verizon announced that its Thing Space IoT Platform, its 5G/LTE network, and its Critical Asset Sensor devices have all been integrated with Microsoft Azure, the tech giants popular cloud services offering.

The goal is to help companies develop and deploy IoT solutions with relative speed and simplicity.

Taking the IoT Industry forward

It has been reported that, veteran tech company Cognizant Technology Solutions has already put the integrated platform to use, leveraging it to create an Internet Of things application to assist with various aspects of the management of perishable items such as pharmaceuticals and food. This is particularly timely given the challenges of getting such items to market during the coronavirus pandemic.

The newly created platform is available for global use. It has also been mentioned in the press release that the integration of both the platforms would enable IoT builders to easily get their solutions to market, and ultimately, into the hands of users. It’s about moving the IoT industry forward and making it easier for business and consumers to benefit from IoT innovation.

The IoT technology itself holds vast potential as it can enhance a great many systems and processes.