Vector Joins Amazon Web Services To Develop New Energy Platform

  • This strategic alliance to jointly develop the NEP is the first of its kind for AWS in New Zealand, and for AWS in the global energy sector
  • Vector and AWS plan to hire more than 30 employees in highly skilled technology and engineering roles
  • By collaborating with AWS, the company believes that NEP would transform the energy industry by using data to inform innovation and product development 

According to a report, Amazon Web Services has announced a multi-year strategic alliance with New Zealand’s largest energy companies to accelerate the future of energy.

Deploying the solution in the two countries would enable real-time and optimal management of the countries’ over 40 distribution networks operated by 70 retailers. This would help top deliver affordable, reliable, and cleaner energy options to the consumers. 

With this alliance, Vector and AWS would enhance the breadth and dept of AWS services, including IoT, analytics, machine learning (ML), and infrastructure services, with Vector’s energy industry knowledge, plus the joint engineering capability of both organisations. 

With time the increase in renewable energy sources and electric vehicles have led to higher expectations within the consumer for lower prices and sustainable energy sources. This requires the industry to transform and harness the power of data to make smarter customer-centric decisions. 

The main focus of the NEP is to rapidly collect and analyse data from more than 1.6  million IoT-connected Vector advanced meter that securely gather information on energy consumption and network performance carps Australia and New Zealand.

The benefit 

The data collected by the NEP would also help Vector to permit energy and utility companies to develop tailored product and pricing solutions for their customers based on their energy consumption habits.

The NEP would also leverage AWS Iot Analytics, a fully-managed service that makes it easy to run and operationalise sophisticated analytics on massive volumes of data to provide Vector and other energy and utilities companies with insights on network performance to help plan energy networks, drive smarter investment decisions, and increase reliability for consumers. 

For the longer run, the insights from the NEP will enable energy and utility companies to develop innovative solutions and new market models that accelerate the uptake of renewables and electric vehicles.

Simon Mackenzie, Group CEO of Vector shared that there is an increasing demand of cleaner, more reliable and affordable energy. The alliance with AWS would help take critical steps to transform how the energy industry operates.

Nick Walton, MD for commercial sector at AWS in New Zealand also added “We see New Zealand as a hub of innovation, and it’s exciting to work with Vector, a leader in smart energy solutions, to pioneer the NEP and deliver on our shared vision to drive a more sustainable future of energy.”