Zenatix Leverages AI and IoT To Create Workplaces Free From COVID-19

  • Performs 3-in-1 activities: face recognition-based attendance, body temperature measurement and face mask compliance
  • Allows businesses and employees to carry out day-to-day tasks without fear of infection

Due to the widespread fear caused by the highly infectious COVID-19, businesses and workplaces are apprehensive to resume operations like before. With no signs of this pandemic fading away in the near future, workers will have to adhere to live with it and take precautionary measures while going about their daily tasks. In short, this will become the “new normal”.

Furthermore, the reliance on contactless technology will increase in order to curb the spread of infection through touch. However, the current large scale usage of touch-based biometrics for attendance and access control pose a challenge. At the same time, manually-based temperature screening methods are not accurate enough.

Touchless access

To address these issues, Zenatix, an IoT solutions provider has launched ZenSafe, a 3-in-1 contactless attendance device for workplaces. It can perform facial recognition-based attendance, body temperature measurement and mask-wearing compliance. Only after meeting these conditions can access be granted – else a person will not be permitted to enter.

The way it works is simple. A camera placed in the device scans the image of the person standing in front of it and uses AI-based face detection, including checking for the presence of a mask. With the help of contactless infrared (IR) technology, the body temperature is measured from the user’s forehead. After gathering all these data, the information is relayed to the cloud where quick processing is done and then results are displayed in real-time.

Other features of the device include:

  • Face mask recognition at a distance of 0.3 metres to 1 metre within 500ms.
  • Face recognition by comparison with the pre-loaded images; does not accept a photograph or video of a person to pass through.
  • Operating temperature range: – 20 degrees Celsius to + 65 degrees Celsius.
  • Works on 12V/2A adaptor; no battery required.
  • Wall-mounted installation.

Such stringent and fool-proof features greatly facilitate the implementation of current precautionary measures being taken by the public. Not only will it provide a sense of comfort for visitors and staff to safely move in and out of a premise, but also prevent a complete shutdown of a business that can cause huge financial losses to a company. All in all, it will build confidence among employees and customers to work with each other without any worries.