Indian Railways Likely To Use AI For Security Solutions

  • The railways intend to use AI face-recognition software to stop criminals as per railway board chairman
  • It also plans to install CCTV across its stations and trains

According to a report by the Hindu, the Indian Railways plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) based technology solutions. As per the report, it plans to install CCTV across its stations and trains. It also plans to use facial-recognition system to identify people with criminal records and miscreants said the report.

Railway Board Chairman V.K. Yadav said in a press conference that security is very important for railways. He added that a big step towards it is CCTV surveillance across stations and train coaches.

AI face-recognition software

He also said that the railways also intend to use AI face-recognition software to stop criminals. He added that in the Parliamentary Standing Committee meeting, it was suggested that in addition to CCTV installations, AI and face recognition software should also be used. He further commented that it was also suggested to use analytics to recognise the face of criminals and nab them.

CCTV surveillance system

As per the report, the railways have over 6,100 stations and in over 500 stations, CCTV surveillance system was installed in 2019. Yadav added that as far as the budget, the railways got Rs 500 crore from the the Nirbhaya fund. He also said that the railways have kept Rs 2,000 crore from the railway fund for coaches.

As per the report, Yadav further commented that there are about 58,600 coaches run in the mail express trains in the country. The Indian railways aims to put CCTV in the corridors and above the door. He also said that by March 2022, all stations will be covered. In the first phase, tenders have been invited for 7,020 coaches and for 6,100 stations. He added taht this will most likely be done by next year and the remaining coaches will be done by March 2022.