DigiCert Announces New IoT Device Manager To Support 5G network

  • IoT Device Manager is built on a PKI management platform architected and released in 2020
  • It also provides the flexibility needed to support 5G and cloud migration
  • DigiCert ONE delivers end-to-end centralised user and device certificate management

US based digital security company DigiCert has announced new set of features and capabilities in DigiCert IoT Device Manager that enable telecommunications providers to deploy 5G network services to cloud environments while maintaining security, compliance and performance.

The IoT Device Manager as hosted on DigiCert ONE Platform provides support for strong authentication in dynamic, cloud-native environments, as well as scalability and operational integrity.

In recent times, telecommunication organisations face a variety of similar transformations challenges as they migrate to %G using cloud data centres. Most of them are moving from primarily physical environments with primitive authentication techniques, minimal use of cryptography and pre-shaked keys.

Dynamic business models 

These traditional infrastructures are capital-intensive to scale, inefficient and inflexible, sloping delivery of new services and time to market. Increasingly, they are moving forward more dynamic business models built around a DevOps mindset.

These 5G and cloud environments are virtualised, dynamically scalable and enable unparalleled business agility and smooth scalability. To support their transformation and enable more rapid time-to-market for products, telecommunication providers require a platform designed for today’s highly dynamic, cloud-native. Modern business models.

The platform must provide strong authentication across on-premises and cloud environments, and the ability to perform at scale on the world’s largest networks. It thus needs to ensure operational integrity to help organisations meet compliance requirements and legal mandates.

IoT Device manger on DigiCert One is built from the ground up to support transformative new models like Robust IoT security, scalability for 5G and cloudy environments and support for brand operational integrity.