Zenatix’s IoT Temperature Monitoring Solution To Fight COVID-19

  • Highly responsive plug-and-play device with Bluetooth and cloud connectivity
  • Optimal for personnels carrying out outdoor tasks
The ZenMonitor

Due to the infectious COVID-19 wreaking havoc in day-to-day life, the safety and well-being of ourselves and those around us have gained utmost importance during this time. Implementation of preventive measures such as nationwide lockdown has helped to bring it under control to some extent, but at the same time has brought industries to a complete standstill resulting in heavy financial losses. With an effective medication not ready yet, there is no other option left but to resume our lives and businesses as before, despite the risk involved.

Wearable sensor

So, to help people tackle this challenge, Zenatix, an end-to-end IoT solutions provider, has launched the ZenMonitor, a real-time body temperature monitoring device for those working outdoors. Simply wear it on your upper-biceps and let it automatically connect to the cloud. The device has a sensor that measures the user’s body temperature and transmits data to a mobile application over Bluetooth every 15 minutes.

In case of the body temperature being out of permissible limits, alerts are sent out. This allows a user to see their last reading and keep it in check. For multiple users, data can be seen on a web-based interface connected to Zenatix cloud.

Since high-temperature is a common symptom among those infected with COVID-19, the ZenMonitor is a reliable solution for detecting any such sign. Not only does it safeguard those performing home-delivery, patrolling, warehousing work and other outdoor activities, but also enables timely medical treatment of an infected person, thus preventing any further spread of infection.