Automation Anywhere to Open Four New Offices in India

  • The company plans to open a new product engineering centre in Pune to expand research and development capabilities
  • It is also planning to deploy more than one million software bots across IMEA by 2020

Robotic process automation (RPA) vendor Automation Anywhere is on an expansion spree in India.

As part of its expansion strategy, it will strengthen its presence in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Vadodara, the company announced on Tuesday.

It will also open new offices in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune to support unprecedented customer and partner growth.

Currently, the company has three engineering centres in India – two in Bangalore and one in Baroda. It also plans to open a new product engineering centre in Pune by the end of the year to expand research and development capabilities.

“As organizations seek to lower operating costs and improve employee productivity with RPA, India possesses a tremendous business opportunity for our company,” said Ankur Kothari, chief revenue officer and co-founder of Automation Anywhere.

“We are building the world’s most efficient and intuitive end-to-end intelligent RPA platform, and over the next year, we anticipate deploying more than one million bots across India and Middle east to help more companies discover, deploy and scale RPA to drive extraordinary human potential,” he added.

Expanding workforce in IMEA

India, the Middle East and Africa (IMEA) remain one of the fastest growing regions for Automation Anywhere, experiencing a growth rate of approximately 200 percent year-over-year with more than 3,100 global enterprise brands using its RPA platform.

In addition to expanding its presence in the region, Automation Anywhere has also:

  • Increased its workforce to more than double in India
  • Built a global presence in more than 41 offices worldwide, opening new offices in Brazil, Hong Kong, France, Mexico, the Middle East and South Africa.
  • Launched the Bot Store, the industry’s first online marketplace for preconfigured downloadable RPA bots – which has more than 550 different software bots now.
  • Acquired Klevops and introduced a new attended RPA 2.0 solution to revolutionize front office automation and increase the number of business tasks that can be automated.

The company plans to double its workforce across IMEA by the end of the current year.

Gartner estimates that by 2021, 90 percent of large and midsize organizations will have at least one process supported by RPA.