Government to Install IoT Devices for Safer Public Transport

IoT devices

To make the public transport safer, the Transport Department of Andhra Pradesh has released a tender notice for its project Abhaya which aims to provide IoT based safety and security system for women during travel.

Transport Department has floated the RFP (Request for Proposal) on May 28, 2018 and may close it by the third week of July. Around 50,000 IoT device boxes are expected to be installed in auto-rickshaws by October 2018.

Real-time location tracking in proposed IoT devices

The devices should have an inbuilt Global Navigation System (GNSS) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) or Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) for both real-time data communication and real-time location tracking. This real-time data analysis will then be hosted in the cloud to support transport and police departments. The system should enable the passenger to capture photos, send alerts, share the route and vehicle location with a guardian or confidante without asking for any personal information.

The system will also have a distress button which can be tapped in case of an emergency. The button will auto-alert the police command, control centre and guardian. Pressing anywhere on the screen will trigger the alarm and tap on video call button will start video stream to the police.

Apart from that, the system is expected to have a ‘shout’ button which will play a recorded video or ‘shout’ audio in vernacular language and will also alert the authorities. To ensure the safety and system to work before boarding an auto-rickshaw, the passenger will have to capture the QR code sticker on the vehicle that will provide the details of the vehicle and driver along with its photograph.

The passenger will be able to crosscheck the person on the wheel with official driver’s photo. She will also get an option to share details of the journey with her guardian with three possible routes. If there is any deviation, the passenger will get an intimation.