How the IoT is Revolutionising Telecom

Savaram Ravindra holds a Masters degree in Nanotechnology from VIT University. He has worked as a programmer analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions


Finding people

Suppose you are attending a conference and want to know whether anyone from your LinkedIn network is present there. If you and your links have ProSe installed on your smartphones, LinkedIn app will scan the nearby people quickly and pop up on your phone’s screen the list of people from your LinkedIn network.

Finding places

Suppose you are in a new city and you must locate the nearest train station or bus stand to travel to another part of the city. If every train, bus and public transport aggregation point in the city consists of a ProSe enabled device, these can sync up with the ProSe service of your smartphone to present you with an interactive application that helps you find your way to the closest point. Additionally, if you are able to communicate with those devices, they can present you with information like train/bus timings.

To sum up

Analytics, control and monitoring make up the highly obvious IoT use cases. Many jobs are also being generated due to innovative applications of the IoT. Many beginners and experienced professionals are taking IoT training and certification as it promises a lucrative career. A new wave of collaborative applications is merging the physical world into our virtual lives, allowing us to make a transition from physical to virtual, or virtual to physical world, seamlessly.