IBM Rolls Out Advanced AI Tools to Understand Complex English

  • IBM’s Project Debater promising to give solutions to complex English
  • The AI solution claims to be capable of understanding sentimental language
  • ‘Advanced NLP is key for AI applications to yield better results for businesses’

With the growing demand of advanced artificial intelligence (AI), IBM has introduced advanced AI based solutions under Watson that can read and analyse complex English language, including meaning of idioms.

This AI feature is defined to identify and analyze idioms and colloquialisms for the first time. Some phrases like ‘hardly helpful,’ or ‘hot under the collar,’ have been challenging for AI systems in the past. But, with this development, businesses can begin analyzing such language data with Watson APIs for a more holistic understanding of their operation, said IBM.

The solution can understand sentiments behind language

The technology experts claims that the development in this version of natural language processing (NLP) for their Project Debater would have the capability to understand challenging aspects of conversational English and would help organisations to get greater clarity and more insights from their data. In an interview with TOI, IBM said these new technologies represent the first commercialization of key NLP capabilities to come from IBM Research’s Project Debater.

The Advanced Sentiment Analysis solution will soon be integrated into Watson that is going to have a huge impact in terms of understanding the sentiment behind a language. IBM says that the technology would be further advanced to understand regional languages.

‘Advanced NLP is key for AI applications to yield effective results for businesses’

“AI has moved from hype to reality and has cemented its importance as core in most modern-day applications and IT setups. While there are many areas where AI can add value, organizations are most keen to use AI to drive sales and customer engagement across multiple channels with the use of chatbots, private assistants, and other intelligent platforms. This is where NLP is of critical importance and acts as a building block. The thumb rule for the success of any NLP project is simple – the better the ability to understand language. Project Debater by IBM was one of the first official attempts by any technology vendor in this direction, and it has come a long way since”, said Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief executive, Greyhound Research in an interview with TOI.