New LTE End-to-End Solution Meets Security, Latency Requirements for IoT and Industry 4.0


At MWC this year, ADLINK and MECSware plan to demo the new Private LTE technology, which provides end-to-end, wireless connectivity for private networks — such as in control of autonomous vehicles. The demo will showcase a low-latency video uplink transmission from an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) to a control center over an LTE connection.

Private LTE will primarily address industrial and agro-industrial users requiring wireless connectivity on their premises. The system, however, can also be used for other use cases where connectivity is missing or less developed.

ADLINK’s SETO-1000 Extreme Outdoor Server combined with MECSware software comprise the Mobile Edge Cloud Server for Private LTE. All combined, the end-to-end Private LTE solution is designed to work within Industry 4.0 standards.

“Private LTE complements mobile network technology with operational flexibility, low latency and strong privacy,” said Torsten Musiol, founder and CEO of MECSware in Velbert, Germany.

“MECSware’s Mobile Edge Cloud Server, based on ADLINK’s robust hardware, enables reliable wireless connectivity for next-generation industrial networks. Industry 4.0 networks will generate huge productivity gains through real-time processing in use cases such as control of autonomous vehicles, power grids, warehousing, logistics and factory automation.”

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Upasana Dewan


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