West Bengal’s HIDCO to Install IoT Devices to Conserve Power in New Town


With the help of signals that are transmitted to the cloud, things such as light intensity can be remotely controlled via an app from a central control room

IIOTIn order to conserve power as part of its ‘Green City Clean City’ project in the satellite city of New Town, Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO), a government of West Bengal undertaking, announced that it will deploy Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Initially, the undertaking will install devices in 100 lampposts on a stretch of 1 km. As each street light consumes around 180 W, the aim of the project is to optimise the energy consumption, based on external factors such as daylight or less traffic. The installation will be expected to be completed in a week’s time.

The IoT device will automatically switch ON the street lights when there is less light available. With the help of various signals that are transmitted to the cloud, things such as the light intensity can be remotely controlled for each street light via an app from a central control room. The system allows functionalities such as ON, OFF, DIM and SCHEDULE, for the street lights through low range (LoRa) network and a software application.

Conserve power

In addition, various measures have been taken to conserve power in New Town such as installation of LED lights. Under the new scheme, the intensity of lights can be cut down late in the night when there is less flow of traffic on the roads. Besides, it also helps in cutting down the electricity bill of the residents of New Town.

LoRa is a new low-power and wide-area network for effective machine-to-machine (M2M) communication that is needed for IoT devices. There is no need for expensive SIM cards and data network as LoRa network can work with very small data packets, which are sufficient to send out and communicate commands like meter reading, illumination level or on/off command.

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