The Fourth Edition of Focuses on ‘Profit from IoT’


The fourth edition of the brought together the enablers, creators, integrators and customers of IoT under one roof. The event witnessed a massive gathering of people from the IoT as well as electronics industry. From industry leaders and experts to students, everyone was enlightened with insightful conferences by eminent speakers, and the exhibitors displaying the latest products and solutions in the IoT domain.

Internet of things (IoT) is no longer on the way – it’s already here. With IoT entering into much more practical and operational applications, CIOs, CTOs and other IoT leaders are prioritising all possible opportunities in IoT space through the lens of business returns (Profit from IoT) – in terms of absolute value as well as time to value.

With the core belief that all of us can ‘Profit from IoT’, EFY Group organised the fourth edition of 2019 at the Karnataka Trade Promotion Organization (KTPO) in Bengaluru from 26th to 28th February 2019. The theme of this year’s event was ‘The Power of Internet of Things.’

The IoTShow, an event where the enablers, creators, integrators and the customers of IoT come together, is the co-located event of the India Electronics Week (IEW) 2019 – one of the largest global event to promote Indian electronic industry. The event was supported by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Electronics India (its ESDM wing) and Digital India.

The event started with the inaugural address presented by Ramesh Chopra, Founder and Chairman of EFY Group. While welcoming the dignitaries at the event, he stressed on the importance of IoT for business and how industry leaders can leverage the power of this technology to maximise their profits.

On the fast-paced technological developments that is happening in the IoT space, he said, “First we had things. Then, we had moving things. Then, these became electronics things. Then they turned smarter, and are now becoming Internet things and, in many cases, intelligent things.”

“What’s interesting is that the journey between the initial phases took hundreds of years, but after these things were allied with electronics the journey from one level to another become considerably shorter. In fact, the last three transformations are happening almost simultaneously, and electronics is playing a critical role,” he added.

Looking at the ongoing technological evolution he said, “This year, besides focus on electronics design and new product development, we have conference tracks on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning, Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers, Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing and similar subjects that are important for our engineers to master, if they want to develop smarter and intelligent things.” witnessed some amazing workshops and training sessions by leading industry leaders. The event came out with thought provoking discussions, valuable information, suggestions and tips that can be useful to make profit from IoT.

On the second day of the event, an interesting and exclusive report was released on ‘The Who’s Who of IoT’, a publication of the EFY Group. The report has some insightful data on the IoT ecosystem, including a list of the stalwarts of IoT in India and interviews of though leaders in the IoT space.

A gathering for one and all

Like previous editions, the this year focussed on the innovations, creations and technological developments in the IoT space, while highlighting the rapid growth of India’s IoT ecosystem. The three-day event saw participation of all the players of IoT ecosystem – OEMs, systems integrators, communications partners, security partners, software developers as well as potential users. The idea was to unveil new ideas and innovations, understand more real-life problems to identify new solutions, strengthen communication between various solution providers and, eventually, create a dense IoT environment.

The exhibitors list at the event was filled with the names of all sizes of organisations. The names include IT giants such as Microsoft and Intel, and several key electronic players including STMicroelectronics, Infineon, Fujitsu and Trinamic, as well as start-ups – showcasing a variety of innovative products, solutions and services that can help transform businesses, cities, governance and the lives of people. The event also saw participation from major components distributors like Mouser, element14, Digi-Key and TME.

Divyanshu Verma, Senior Manager at Intel Technologies Bangalore, said, “IoT Show is bringing all the stakeholders at one stage. That’s the best part of it. And Bangalore being IT hub, this is the right place for designers, manufacturers, practitioners, all sitting here.”

Profitability from IoT – A key factor 

A key area of discussion at the was ‘Profit from IoT’ that also led to some constructive and informative panel discussions on the subject. Narang N. Kishor, Founder, Narnix Technolabs, highlighted this important aspect of IoT while speaking at one of the conferences.

“We have been talking about profits from IoT and there has been a lot of hype for the last seven to eight years within India; while abroad, the IoT buzz has been on for more than 10-15 years. But the ground reality is totally different. Whether we’re talking about large organisations, startups or design engineers, nobody has actually achieved a milestone in the IoT ecosystem as yet, nor designed any good solutions that have been deployed successfully. Even the users of IoT are very disillusioned,” he said.

Speaking at one of the sessions, Abhijit Lele, Principle Consultant, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., mentioned about the profitability aspect of IoT.

While suggesting integration of various services and solutions to get profit from IoT, he said, “One of the key things missing today, for various reasons, is the multiplier effect in the IoT domain. That’s why we are not seeing profitability in the IoT space.”

On the financial and revenue aspect of IoT, Virendra Chaudhari, IoT Sales Head – India, Intelligent Cloud, Microsoft, said, “There is a two-pronged approach when it comes to IoT as enabler – one is consumer side and the other is industry side. Right now, as we see industry side has picked up very well. If you see the financial perspective and revenue perspective, the impact is going to come from industry side. Consumer story is really nice. As all of us are well connected with smart devices.”

The event also witnessed several insightful discussions on some of the subjects that matter most to the IoT industry in today’s time.

In one of the keynote addresses, Biswajeet Mallik, Program Manager – Developer Ecosystem at Google, illuminated on what would be the most important aspect in the IoT journey and how to get started and become profitable.

“IoT is more than just connecting the devices. Though sensors are important, the network is also significant. A lot of people spent ridiculous amount of time in putting more devices, sensors and figuring out how can I put more,” he said.

Malik continued, “But for me, the most critical aspect is the data. If you don’t invest more in data and just remained stuck in setting up the network and devices, then the whole time to get insight and to get profitable from IoT investment would take long, which your leadership or management may not be convinced.”

The conferences and panel discussions were spread across all three days, and had different sessions covering topics like ‘The macro dynamics — shifting paradigms in strategies, policies, disruptive technologies and their impact on business revenue’, ‘Competence to design and innovate: Indian design engineers’ skills – status review, challenges and opportunities for growth in India’, and ‘Applications and business models – reality check of the hype, myths, contemporary practices and imperatives in the shifting socio-techno scenario’.

IoT – Accelerating the pace of electronics industry

As IoT is interrelated with electronics, exhibitors from ESDM industry also showcased their products and solutions. This year, various associations and enablers of ESDM and IoT communities came together to recognise and address the real-life challenges that need to be solved on priority in the entire ecosystem. Players with diverse product and services backgrounds shared their thoughts on how each kind of business is playing a part in the IoT environment today.

Highlighting the fact that technology trends tend to change very quickly these days, showcased the huge opportunity IoT is gradually providing to the Indian electronics industry.

Khushal Panchal, Vice President of PCB Power, said, “IoT can become another big wave, just like automotive electronics or mobile manufacturing, for the Indian electronics industry.”

While commenting on opportunities IoT is creating in electronics market, Daniel Marriot, President, SpectraSymbol, said, “IoT is driving miniaturisation. It gives wing to the umbrella of electronics. It spins out unique ideas. Thus, it accelerates the pace of the overall electronics industry. Its growth potential is good worldwide. In India, it is even stronger. Bengaluru is known for its programming capabilities. Right now, in terms of manufacturing IoT products, the leaders are China, Japan and the US. But India has the potential to really grow in this space. We will start seeing more actual manufacturing of products here in the future. That will allow local companies to become more agile to respond to the market demands.”

The delegates also spent their time at informative workshops, conducted on all the three days of the event. Some of the key workshops were ‘Sensor to app – a hands-on training session to build your end-to-end IoT solution’, ‘An intensive UX design course on IoT’, ‘Build blockchain solutions for enterprises with Hyperledger Fabric’, ‘Intel vision technology workshop’, ‘From zero to building your first IoT device’, etc.

The key sponsors of 2019 were Digi-Key, STMicroelectronics, Bluetooth, Google and TME. has emerged as an excellent platform for business and networking opportunities in the IoT space. Around 150 exhibitors, thousands of attendees, industry leaders and key decision makers participated in the fourth successful edition of will be back again in 2020 with more insights and a different agenda in Bengaluru – the center of India’s high-tech industry.


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