SenRa Collaborates with myDevices to Launch IoT in a Box in India


With IoT in a Box, businesses can automatically ensure food safety and reduce inventory loss, thus significantly reducing labour and operational costs

SenRa, a pan India provider of LoRaWAN network services, and myDevices, the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions firm, announced the launch of ‘IoT in a Box’ – a solution focused on commercial refrigeration temperature monitoring in the initial phase.

The association between SenRa and myDevices will help in driving the country’s digital movement into industries which is yet to be infiltrated in the Indian market. The latest solution will now drive the adoption of IoT into industries including retail, logistics, supply-chain management, hospitality and healthcare.

SenRa’s highly scalable LoRaWAN network services and myDevices’ IoT in a Box solution will enable the businesses such as pharmaceutical labs, food manufacturing units, supermarkets, restaurants, corporate cafeterias and hospitals, to better manage and monitor their refrigerators and deep-freezing units, remotely as well as in real-time.

Off-the-shelf solution

Commenting on the development, Ali Hosseini, CEO, SenRa, said, “We are excited to bring myDevices’ IoT in a Box solution offerings to the Indian market. This collaboration will allow us to increase adoption of LoRaWAN in India and in its mainstream market. IoT in a Box is an off-the-shelf solution which will rapidly enable digitalisation pan India.”

Kevin Bromber, founder and CEO, myDevices, said, “myDevices’ IoT in a Box pre-packaged solutions empower SenRa to immediately offer out-of-the-box, LoRa technology products that can expand to many verticals across a variety of industries, including automated temperature monitoring for hospitals, hotels, and food service organisations.”

Cost reduction

“Businesses worldwide are required by law to monitor refrigeration temperatures for perishable goods. With IoT in a Box, they can automatically ensure food safety and reduce inventory loss, significantly reducing labour and operational costs associated with manual monitoring,” Bromber added.

Last year, the two companies had announced their partnership to offer SenRa’s commercial grade network with myDevices IoT ‘Cayenne’ platform in order to simplify the development, creation and deployment of end-to-end solutions in a growing IoT market of India.

India’s IoT market is expected to reach US$ 15 billion by 2020. New and cost-effective IoT solutions are an integral part in driving the market growth and adoption of IoT in the country. With more than 90 million commercial refrigeration units in operation across the world, the demand for commercial refrigeration equipment globally is likely to at a rate of 4.5 per cent annually by 2020.


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