SAS to Invest US$ 1 billion in AI Over the Next Three Years


With this investment, SAS will focus on research and development (R&D) innovation, education initiatives and expert services

Software giant SAS announced that it is investing US$ 1 billion in artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming three years through software innovation, expert services, education and more.

The expert services and educational programs will prepare the data scientists and business leaders for the future of AI, with the skills, support and technology they require to transform their companies.

Commenting on the development, Jim Goodnight, CEO, SAS, said, “At SAS, we remain dedicated to our customers and their success, and this investment is another example of that commitment.”

“With our innovative capabilities in AI, SAS helps businesses deter damaging fraud, fight deadly disease, better manage risk, provide exemplary service to customers and citizens, and much more,” he added.

Major focus areas

With this investment SAS will focus on three key areas:

  1. Research and Development (R&D) innovation: Where SAS continues to build on the success of its AI efforts globally
  2. Education initiatives: By addressing customer requirements to better understand and benefit from AI
  3. Expert services: To optimise customer return on AI projects

SAS reports around US$ 3 billion a year in annual revenues. In 2018, the company reported revenues worth US$ 3.27 billion. This was consecutively the 43rd year when the company recorded revenue growth, although it was slightly a little higher from 2017. The software giant invests around 25 per cent of its total revenues in R&D every year.


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