SAIL Launches IoT-Driven Waste Bins Across North and South Delhi


The garbage bins are fitted with real-time indicators that can inform the authorities about the garbage level in the bins at any given time

Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) has recently announced its launch of Internet of Things (IoT)-driven waste bins across North and South Delhi.Fitted with sensors, these bins can automatically send a signal to waste collection authorities once these are full.

The garbage bins are manufactured using SAIL SALEM stainless steel and will be deployed in underground Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) pits at the municipal corporation’s smart waste station.

These smart garbage bins will solve one of the key problems of preventing garbage bins from overflowing. The improper disposal of garbage is one of the major causes of spread of several diseases and bad odour.

As per official source,there will be separate bins for recyclable and non-recyclable wastes. The RCC pits will be covered with stainless steel slip-free sheets. Suitable openings on the pit cover will allow the sanitation crew to dump the collected garbage into the bins placed underground.

Fitted with Sensors 

These smart bins use ultrasonic sensors to detect the trash level that can inform the authorities about the garbage level in the bins at any given time. The data collected can also be useful in scheduling garbage pick-up and for optimising the routes for waste collection vehicles.SAIL is also planning to deploy such bins in other municipal corporations and even considering to taking up the production of such bins on a commercial level.

According to a report by Central Pollution Control Board of India (CPCB,In 2015, among the major cities, 689.52 metric tonnes (MT) of waste was generated by New Delhi alone.And Chennai reported 429.39 MT of waste generation, Mumbai with 408.27 MT of waste and Bengaluru with 313.87 MT.


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