Piramal Foundation Launches IoT-enabled Water Dispensing Unit


Smart Stand Post offers IoT-enabled real-time monitoring that allows for early intervention of resource availability and real time data collection

Piramal Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Piramal Group, launched the Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled Smart Stand Post to democratise water access and reduce water wastage.

Smart Stand Post is a smart card based automated water dispensing unit that has been provided with three options to dispense water, free of charge, from an overhead.

The new solution will allow access to several users at one point of time. On the other hand, it will prevent access from unauthorised users, without smart cards. Through IoT, the data from sensors will be gathered and forwarded to a central server for remote monitoring.

Major benefits

Smart Stand Post technology has the following key advantages:

  • Efficiency of time:Multiple users can simultaneously access water from a single unit
  • Prevents unauthorised access:Restricted to authorised RFID card holders.
  • IoT-enabled real-time monitoring:Allows for early intervention of resource availability and real time data collection of water dispensed.
  • Data analysis:Enables analysis of water usage patterns to support better anticipation and planning.

Democratising water access

Speaking on the development, Anuj Sharma, CEO, Piramal Sarvajal, said “India accounts for 17 per cent of the world’s population and only 4 per cent of the world’s fresh water resources. Due to an inefficient water resource management system and climate change, India faces a persistent water shortage. The urgent need of the hour is to implement solutions that can make safe drinking water easily available to all.”

“With the use of technology such as IoT, we can democratise water access, reduce water wastage and arrest unauthorised usage of water. While we implement new methods of recharging water resources, these measures would be able to distribute the precious resource in an equitable manner. A pilot will soon be demonstrated,” he added.

Through its innovative model, Piramal Sarvajal uses technology to serve more than 71,000 people every day in Madhya Pradesh through its 90 purification units and 41 water ATMs. Currently, the organisation reaches out to over 6.3 lakh people every day, through its 1500 touch points across 20 states in India.


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