PathPartner to Launch IoT Solutions for Device Makers, Automotive OEMs


PathPartner’s latest innovations will allow IoT device makers and automotive OEMs to integrate off-the-shelf solutions in an accelerated and cost-efficient way

PathPartner Technology, a product R&D and engineering specialist, has announced that it is going to launch its latest innovations in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), digital cockpit and automotive advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

These latest innovations, combined with the company’s technology service solutions, will allow IoT device makers and automotive Tier-1s/original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate off-the-shelf solutions in an accelerated, flexible, cost-efficient and reliable way.

Latest innovations

The latest offerings by PathPartner include:

Radar-based In-Cabin Occupancy Monitoring: This is an advanced automotive interior occupancy monitoring that leverages a radar-based sensing system combined with PathPartner’s accurate and reliable radar SDK.

Driver Monitoring System with Facial Recognition: The system provides reliable detection of driver drowsiness and inattention by utilising a combination of advanced facial analysis algorithms and deep learning models. Though there are various solutions available for monitoring drivers, the driver monitoring system by PathPartner gives a reliable, cost efficient, single camera-based and automotive-grade solution that can be easily customised for client requirements.

Smart Vision Algorithm Suite for ADAS: This latest offering provides advanced deep learning model-based traffic sign recognition, road object segmentation and vulnerable road-user detection.

Ultra Wideband Technology based RTLS Solution: This solution offers indoor location tracking with one of the most advanced technologies that gives unprecedented accuracy and security. This solution finds its usage in several industries such as transportation, healthcare, retail, logistics, warehouses, etc.

Commenting on the development, Ramkishor Korada, co-founder and EVP, PathPartner, said, “We are already working with key players in the automotive and IoT domains to help them to unlock infinite possibilities with advanced technology products.”

“At PathPartner, we continuously evolve our technical competencies and build advanced IPs to enable companies to drastically reduce the development time and accelerate the time to market,” he added.


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