NIIT Technologies Launches AI-based Solution Developed on Azure


NIIT Technologies’ new solution helps to minimise human errors, enhances quality, improves productivity, and delivers real-world business impact

NIIT Technologies Ltd, a global leader in IT solutions, launched Cognitive Service Desk Audit, a new cloud-based solution developed on Microsoft Azure platform. The new solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) to describe the tonality of the end user via text mining and analytics.

Cognitive Service Desk Audit will play a key role in improving productivity of enterprises by enhancing operational efficiency, decreasing audit efforts and improving quality and vigilance.

The new solution audits the staff’s voice and accent quality, resolution accuracy, and process adherence audit to deliver quality output. In addition, to reduce errors in understanding the end user party during conversation, the solution offers real-time on-screen speech transcription of online phone conversation, the company said in a statement.

Enhancing end user’s productivity

Commenting on the development, Vamsi Rupakula, Global Head – IMS & Cloud, NIIT Technologies, said, “We are dedicated towards boosting the client business by engaging at the intersect of deep domain expertise and emerging technologies. Our teams have designed the Cognitive Service Desk Audit on the Microsoft Azure platform to increase the productivity of the end user in the enterprise. The solution helps to minimise human errors, enhances quality, improves productivity, and delivers real-world business impact.”

Rajiv Sodhi, General Manager – partner ecosystem, Microsoft, commented, “Microsoft AI based cognitive services are easy to integrate, and enable applications, websites and bots to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret user needs through natural methods of communication.”

“Our collaboration with NIIT Technologies will enable businesses to add new capabilities to their audit process, and enhance customer engagement, using Microsoft’s AI platform and the trusted Microsoft Azure cloud,” he added.

NIIT Technologies has deployed the solution internally to develop it further from experience and to make it better for benefiting the clients.

The company has been a Microsoft Partner for around 20 years. The two organisations have together enabled big enterprises transform in a quick changing IT scenario. The Cognitive Service Desk Audit is another such offering that is developed on the Microsoft platform.


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