Mindtree Inaugurates Silicon Valley Reimagination Center to Help Clients Focus on AI


Mindtree’s Silicon Valley Reimagination Center has created an exciting space for its global clients to work closely with the best of the Silicon Valley ecosystem

Mindtree, a global IT and outsourcing company, announced the inauguration of a new Silicon Valley Reimagination Center. The center is designed to help its clients look beyond the present generation of digital technologies in order to fundamentally reimagine their business processes, models, offerings and experiences with a focus on modern artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The center will host CXOs, board of directors and operational teams in order to push highly impactful initiatives of business reimagination. It will also become the hub for the company’s high-tech and media business that caters to some of the pioneering organisations, driving the adoption of beyond digital technologies.

Commenting on the development, Rostow Ravanan, CEO and Managing Director of Mindtree, said, “We are being proactive in looking at what comes beyond digital and helping contextualise it for the benefit of our global clients. We have the unique advantage of serving some of the world’s most advanced technology providers and working collaboratively with newly emerging startups, as well as world leading academic institutions that are doing cutting-edge research in these areas.”

“We expect our Silicon Valley Reimagination Center to be at the forefront of the next wave of reimagination that comes beyond digital by leveraging these advantages,” he added.

Digital transformation initiatives

Dr. Satya Ramaswamy, Executive Vice President for Mindtree’s Enterprise Reimagination business, stated, “Our global clients in many industries are wondering, ‘What would a Silicon Valley startup company do if they were entering our industry today. Having already completed several digital transformation initiatives, they see further opportunities for competitive advantage that AI, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing and other emerging technologies offer, and don’t want to be left behind.

He further said, “Our new Silicon Valley Reimagination Center has created an exciting space for our global clients to work closely with the best of the Silicon Valley ecosystem, help them connect the dots, and achieve that vision.”

Mindtree has collaborated with an increasing network of Silicon Valley startups. In July 2018, the company established an endowed faculty scholar position in AI at Stanford University’s School of Engineering. The position is created to further accelerate the AI development for solving complex problems.

The new center’s activities will combine these with knowledge of business domain, creativity, technology and contextual knowledge of client’s systems and businesses for driving reimagination initiatives through a consulting-led approach.

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