MediaTek Introduces New Rich IoT Program Based on Open Standards


Under the latest program, MediaTek is introducing new chipsets including the powerful edge AI technology for display, voice, object recognition and other features

MediaTek, a leading global fabless semiconductor company, announced a rich Internet of Things (IoT) program to bring a series of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled chipset platforms to organisations that want to develop and innovate products across the intelligent devices market.

The platform is based on an open and industry standard software and hardware. It is founded on MediaTek’s chipsets that power voice, smart speaker, AI-infused and display-centric devices across the globe.

Under the latest program, the fabless semiconductor company is introducing new chipsets including the powerful edge AI technology for display, voice, object recognition and other features required for the present day smart IoT devices.

In addition, the company has partnered with independent design houses (IDHs) in Europe, China and the US, including StreamUnlimited and BayLibre. These IDHs support the chipsets with industry standard software and provide the required software, hardware and technical support for firms which are designing AI devices using MediaTek’s AI IoT platforms.

Key application areas

Initially, MediaTek is focused on the three major AI IoT segments with its new program:

  • Voice Enabled Devices: To enable more products with voice assistant capability such as smart speakers, smart locks, dryers and washers, dishwashers, cooking appliances and more.
  • Display and Screen Devices: Products that require a smart display or act as a smart hub like thermostats, point of sale terminals, head-mounted displays, exercise equipment and more.
  • AI Vision Devices: Products and devices that require to identify objects or people such as smart security systems, drones, robots, smart ovens and many other products that can gain from AI recognition or computer vision technology.

Making easier for diverse industries

Speaking about the development, Jerry Yu, MediaTek Corporate Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Intelligent Devices Business Group at MediaTek, said, “We are bringing AI to mainstream IoT products to make it easier for diverse industries to access MediaTek chipsets and technologies through a value-add partner network.”

Yu further said, “The IoT has entered its next phase. AI features are being integrated into nearly every type of consumer device imaginable. That means connected devices now require a processor to support AI applications, rather than a more limited microcontroller unit that has been historically used. MediaTek’s rich IoT program lets companies of all sizes bring devices to market with advanced AI, multimedia and connectivity features.”

The chipsets, under the new program, have diverse standard-based support through the IDHs, such as evaluation kit that will be provided to companies via Seeed Studios.

Highly integrated, the latest chipsets boast ultra-low power consumption to enhance battery life and provide superior computing power such as GPU, CPU and AI processing units, to support the next-gen AI devices.


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