Kerlink, IoT America Partner to Transform Rural Businesses


Kerlink and IoT America will team up for creating a new service from IoT America, designed to support the clients to fully take advantage of the ecosystem

Kerlink, a global leading provider of infrastructure and value-added services for IoT networks, has entered into a partnership with Internet of Things America (IoT America), a company dedicated to deploying IoT solutions across rural America. This partnership has been initiated to ensure speedy and lucid transformation of the way businesses in rural areas work by enhancing the power, security and ease which the Kerlink platform provides to the businesses through its stations and core-network software.

As part of the association, IoT America is developing a first-of-its-kind practice with the support from strategic advisors who are primarily focusing on helping its clients change the way they work across their whole organisation. This includes implementing location functions like facilities, assets, safety and field services, as well as improving research and development (R&D), back-office systems and inventory management.

Benefit for clients

Commenting on the development, Jeff Klaumann, CTO, IoT America, said, “IoT America was founded to deliver the benefits of advanced technologies, connectivity and solutions to rural America. We are focused on addressing the needs of growers, producers, agricultural businesses and small towns. Our clients recognise the power of technology in optimising their operations, which has enabled new distribution opportunities for our solution partners.”

Yannick Delibie, CTIO and CEO, Kerlink, said, “Together, Kerlink and IoT America are a perfect match: Kerlink brings cost-efficient, mature and performant low-power wide-area connectivity for solution providers like IoT America to deploy and manage a growing number of smart-agriculture and smart-town use cases. These include crop, soil and weather analytics, livestock monitoring, asset and building management, metering and remote smoke, gas and fire alerting.”

“Kerlink’s one-stop-shop network-as-a-service full opex model also helps our partners to streamline their investment and to focus on sales and marketing activities, while leveraging from the start an industrial-grade and future-proof IoT dedicated connectivity,” said Delibie.

The two companies will also team up for creating a new service from IoT America that is designed to support the clients to fully take advantage of ecosystem of software, hardware and services in the marketplace. In addition, the new service will help the clients in discovering the highest-impact possibilities within their industries and rapidly develop LoRaWAN solutions with the help of proven methods, benefiting from industrial-grade and future-proof IoT dedicated connectivity.


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