IPC Releases Standard for Easy Implementation of Industry 4.0 Apps


IPC CFX defines all the three crucial elements needed for a true plug-n-play industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) standard

Global industry association IPC announced the release of an industry standard Connected Factory Exchange (CFX), for easy implementation of smart factory and Industry 4.0 applications.

This new industry standard is available to all organisations in the electronics industry, irrespective of location or size. The standard can be used by the industry to easily and quickly implementing Industry 4.0 and smart factory applications to the manufacturing processes.

The CFX provides huge value to electronics manufacturers, equipment vendors, in-house IT groups, solution providers and to users with applications where data is captured and transmitted.

Creates smooth data communication

With this standard, EMS companies can create smooth data communication between all the equipment on their lines and can track their production on all the equipment from any place in the world in real time. The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can utilise the standard to augment real-time control of product quality, from assembly of board to box build.

The machine vendors have one plug-n-play data communication solution, thus cutting down time and travel spent on custom programming for clients.

IPC CFX, being an industry standard, provides a level playing field for any firm – be it large or small – to prepare for Industry 4.0 or to get benefited from machine-to-business data communication.

This industry standard defines all the three crucial elements needed for a true plug-n-play industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) standard including a message protocol, a specific content creation element and an encoding mechanism.

To bring technology-based optimisation

Briefing about the development, David Bergman, vice president, IPC standards and technology states, “The goal of CFX is to bring technology-based optimisation for all aspects of manufacturing operations, making the adoption of automation easier and more effective, as well as bringing enhancement of flexibility.”

“IPC would like to recognise the strong contribution of the hundreds of volunteers from industry equipment and technology vendors who have been instrumental in this revolutionary step towards digital factory standards,” Bergman added.

The IPC CFX supports the idea of big data, including the various types of data from across the factory, materials, data on performance, resources, quality events, users, product tracking, etc. The data included in CFX can be used in several ways like, a closed-loop feedback system, MES control, live production dashboards, active quality management and more.


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