IoT is Playing an Important Role in Electronics Manufacturing


Neoway Technology, shortly referred to as Neoway, is a hi-tech enterprise dedicated to offering communications products and services for IIoT. Anand Rude, Field Application Engineer at Neoway Technology, in a tete-a-tete with Aamir H Kaki, talks about the IoT role in electronics manufacturing, IoT market in India and its future, Neoway’s IoT products and much more.

Q. Many opine that IoT is just a buzzword that industry Gurus have coined to create hype? Do you agree with that line of thought?

I do not think so. We are selling IoT related solutions for quite some time now. But we definitely cannot identify it that it is a buzzword.

Q. Can you brief about what type of solutions Neoway is offering?

Anand Rude, Field Application Engineer, Neoway Technology

We are providing communications products and services for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Our portfolio includes 2G/3G/4G/NB-IoT/eMTC cellular modules and solutions. Our products and solutions are widely used in smart metering, device sharing, telematics, mobile payment, security and other industries.

Q. It is been seen that there are a lot of IoT solutions provider on the delivery end, but we didn’t find customers on the receiving end. Do you agree?

With lot of IoT solutions coming out, there are also customers for these solutions. The thing is that we are bound with non-disclosure agreement (NDA) clause, that is why we are not able to share the names of our customers. But we can assure you on that we are working with lots of customers. So that is not the case.

Q. Are your customers based in India or you’ve a global customer base also?

Our customers are based in India only. We are working for India business.

Q. Do you have an R&D department in your company?

Basically, I am working with the research and development (R&D) team. All our cellular modules and solutions models are quite innovative and a result of proper R&D. As a result, these are widely used across various industries.

We possess a powerful technology and product R&D capabilities. We have an industry-leading RF and reliability expert team. The R&D team occupies around 50 per cent of our staff. We own multiple world-leading products and technologies.

Q. How your modules and solutions are different vis-a-vis competitors?

We develop high-end products as far as my modules are concerned. We have a stable platform for this, and we have been thoroughly testing every particular case. We mostly work on support base. There are so many players in the field but what we do is that we provide support to our customers and stuck to this. Our customers are mostly with us as they get support from our end.

Q. According to you, how IoT is playing a crucial role in electronics manufacturing ecosystem?

IoT is playing an important role in the electronics manufacturing ecosystem. The IoT system is mature enough and playing a crucial role in the electronics manufacturing.

Q. Do you go through the distributors route for your products?

We do have some distributors, who are aligned with. We go through them to distribute our products.

Q. Do you have an entirely IoT products portfolio or you sell other products also?

We are basically an IoT company and have a portfolio of fully IoT product. All our products fall into the IoT category only. We don’t sell non-IoT products now.

Q. How do you see the future of IoT products in Indian market?

As of now, the market for IoT products is good. And it is likely grow only in future also because there are so many projects coming up with the focus on IoT. I can say, there is a huge market coming up for IoT products and solutions in the near future.

Q. According to you, how the government of India supporting the IoT ecosystem in the country?

The development that is already happening in India. Most of the things done are now through Internet only, that’s through IoT. Therefore, the government is pushing to move out of the old stuff and adopting the new and emerging technologies like IoT.

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