Hyundai and MG’s SUVs to be First Internet-Connected Cars in India


The cars have AI-assisted functions like automatic crash notification and assistance, roadside assistance and SOS emergency assistance

semiconductorThe upcoming compact sports utility vehicle (SUV) model – Venue by Hyundai Motor India Ltd and Hector SUV by Chinese-owned Morris Garages (MG) will be the first Internet-connected cars in India, reported BusinessLine, citing sources.

The two SUVs are planned to be launched in the month of May this year.

Both the Venue and Hector will be equipped with embedded mobile SIMs for Internet of Things (IoT) and several features available on a smartphone.

The Hector will come with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, in addition to several other features.

The voice control feature in both the cars can recognise the driver’s voice and can start the car engine on command. In addition, both cars have other artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted functions like automatic crash notification and assistance, roadside assistance and SOS emergency assistance.

In order to provide data collection, cloud services and entertainment services, MG India has partnered with Microsoft, Nuance, Cisco, TomTom, Adobe and Gaana, the sources revealed.

India-specific features

The Venue by Hyundai will have the same features under the ‘BlueLink Connectivity Technology’ having 10 features specific to India for better communication with the vehicle, out of the overall 33 services.

The major focus is on security, safety, remote access, location-based services, vehicle relationship management, alert services and many others. In addition, the car will have a panic button incorporated in key module for better safety in the case of distress.

Hyundai’s BlueLink has an in-built and tamper-proof device that is run by Vodafone-Idea (in India), eSIM and a cloud-based voice recognition feature from Global AI. The device is also equipped with the ‘interactive voice recognition’, specifically developed for clients from varied regions in India.

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