Droom Launches IoT-enabled Smart Device to Track Vehicles Health


Droom’s ECO Smart Device can scan through over 1,000 checkpoints (sensors) to check the health of any vehicle’s engine 

Droom, a leading online used car marketplace in India, announced that it has launched Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled ECO smart device that enables tracking of the car performance.

ECO smart device is a highly innovative, convenient and uniplug-and-play IoT-enabled evaluation tool that connects with the OBD II port of cars and integrates with the sensors, data transmitters, hardware modules and control units of the vehicles, the company said in a statement.

This latest evaluation tool enables tracking of car health, performance and damage factors, it added.

The company claimed that its automobile health evaluation tool ECO, a scientific and comprehensive inspection and verification service, has crossed 50,000 inspections since its commencement in March 2016. It is now targeting to reach over 750,000 inspections this year, a 15-times jump.

Transforming car servicing

With the introduction of ECO Smart Device, Droom is expecting that the demand will likely to grow much more and at a rapid pace. The new device can scan through over 1,000 checkpoints (sensors) to check the health of engine of any vehicle. Currently, the company is running a pilot of the smart device in Delhi-NCR region and is planning to expand its operations all over the country.

Speaking about the development, Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Droom, said, “Reaching the 50,000-orders mark is undoubtedly a reflection of the hardwork and dedication put by the entire Droom team. Especially, the credit goes to our certified inspectors without whom we couldn’t have achieved this remarkable milestone.”

“The IoT is breaking fresh ground in the automotive sector by introducing entirely new layers to the traditional concept of car servicing. With the ECO Smart Device, we look forward to offering more convenience, transparency and accuracy about the engine health of a car, which is an important factor influencing the customers’ buying decision,” Agarwal added.


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