Bosch Collaborates with Sierra Monitor to Connect Boilers with IIoT


As more Bosch customers request connecting their boilers to a management system, Sierra Monitor helps in meeting its customers’ expectations

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) provider Sierra Monitor Corporation (SMC) and Bosch US have collaborated to bring industrial Internet solution to products worldwide with the ProtoAir wireless gateway, SMC’s cloud and protocol gateway that are customised for manufacturers.

Bosch has integrated the ProtoAir into its commercial boilers, which has given the capability to seamlessly connect its equipment to the building management systems (BMS).

The ProtoAir wireless gateway, integrated with Wi-Fi, is a cost-efficient building automation and industrial control IIoT solution designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The gateway offers connectivity into the cloud and BMS, allowing new or legacy devices to simply interface with other systems or protocols.

Commenting on the development, Dan Moffroid, Product Manager for Bosch US, said, “As more Bosch customers request connecting their boilers to a management system, Sierra Monitor helps us meet our customers’ expectations. We can now provide an instant connection with Sierra Monitor’s ProtoAir.”

Ease of use

Moffroid further said, “The ProtoAir and IIoT capability that Sierra Monitor provides is very easy to use, and it does exactly what it needs to do. We would be at a disadvantage if we didn’t use SMC’s ProtoAir. Additionally, we have always had amazing support from the Sierra Monitor team.”

Steve Shaw, Vice President – Marketing at Sierra Monitor, said, “Customers like Bosch are at the cutting edge of the IIoT revolution and they are a great testament to how OEMs can provide a BMS connection to each product.”

Sierra Monitor has solved the hurdle of Bosch’s boilers connectivity and it has been successful and easy for Bosch to deploy across all of its building applications.

Now, Bosch includes the ProtoAir as an accessory for its boiler systems in order to meet the standards of customers. Its applications include health centers, schools and small commercial spaces that require to connect HVAC systems to a BMS for controlling and monitoring the mechanical and electrical equipment of buildings.


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